Aespa Congratulated Former SM Entertainment Trainee Kep1er’s Kim Chaehyun On Her Debut

Congratulations to Chaehyun on her debut.

Kep1er‘s Kim Chaehyun is known to be a former SM Entertainment trainee. Although she did not make her debut with the company and ended up entering Girls Planet 999 for a chance at debut, it seems like her fellow SM Entertainment girls have not forgotten about her!

Chaehyun recently made her debut with Kep1er after winning a coveted spot in the final lineup. With regards to that, she shared in a quick press interview with Korean media that her debut was congratulated by many people around her. In particular, she brought up aespa, whose members trained with her in SM Entertainment.

| pann 

The aespa sunbaenims contacted me to congratulate me and said stuff like, ‘now we’ll see each other at the broadcasting station,’ and ‘let’s meet in the waiting rooms.’ Seeing as they’re busy, w couldn’t meet for a long time but I did manage to see them for the first time in a long time.

— Chaehyun

It’s nice to see that the girls still have a good relationship after a long time apart! Congratulations to Chaehyun on her debut.

Source: pann