Will aespa Open Personal Instagram Accounts? Here Are The Members’ Interesting ID Choices

Karina’s choice really shows her personality! 😆

On aespa‘s group Instagram account, the 4 members show off their unique flair in their own photos. With almost 10 million followers, fans can’t wait to see what they post next! However, in a recent interview with ELLE Korea, the members revealed how they feel about creating their own personal Instagram accounts and what ID names they might choose.

aespa’s Winter, Giselle, Karina, and NingNing | @aespa_official/Instagram

As a lover of the modern and trendy vibe, Giselle reveals her Instagram ID would contain the letter “X.”

Additionally, she would add “GG” for Giselle!

Though she hasn’t put much time into thinking about the ID, she has put a lot of effort into curating her Instagram photos that have the aesthetic she loves.

I didn’t think about [the ID] seriously.  I only thought about the feed. I have a separate album for Instagram photos.  Sometimes, I can’t wait. I just upload them. I will wait until the day I make a personal Instagram account.

— Giselle

Next, NingNing would incorporate the letter “N” to represent her name.

N2 or Nx2 or small 2 on top of N…

— NingNing

Winter revealed that she would have to incorporate her name and her birthday, which has a unique number code.

For me, it’s ‘WINTER.’ Since my birthday is January 1st, it’s not specific, but it would be good to have 0101.

— Winter

To further her winter concept, she might add a number “8” because it looks like a snowman.

Karina shared that she wouldn’t use her name in the ID.

Instead, she would prefer a random ID from a keyboard smash!

I’m thinking of typing anything for the name.

— Karina