The Members Of aespa Reveal Their First Impressions Of Each Other

“I used honorifics for almost a month.” — Karina

Recently, the members of aespa revealed their first impressions of each other in a SOHU KOREA interview.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

Ningning started with her first impression of Giselle, where she was immediately impressed by the length of her long legs.

Winter revealed she also had the same impression of Giselle’s proportions.

When I first met Giselle unnie, because of her charisma and height, I thought she would dance very well.

— Winter

Meanwhile, Karina was struck by Giselle’s perfect and smooth skin, which she recalled as being similar to a baby’s bottom.

Moving on to Winter, multiple members learned the shared their first impression of her as someone very small.

Both Ningning and Karina saw her sitting in the practice room, thinking she looked tiny.

Giselle revealed Winter seemed introverted at first.

I thought Winter was very quiet and shy at first, so I felt like we wouldn’t get close, but then it turned out it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

— Giselle

When it came time to discuss Ningning, some of the members revealed they were initially confused by her age.

First of all, because Ningning is a sunbae-nim (senior), I thought she was older than me. I used honorifics for almost a month.

— Karina

Winter also had a similar situation, thinking Ningning was her own age and feeling “betrayed” when she realized Ningning was actually a dongsaeng, or younger.

Giselle had many compliments for Ningning, noting her beautiful eyes and kind personality.

For Karina, the members all had first impressions of her physical appearance. Ningning noticed her long hair and beautiful neck…

…while Giselle was struck by Karina’s height and small face.

Winter added she thought Karina was smart just from looking at her face.

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