Aespa Faces Off With… Themselves? For First Place On A Music Show

They’re barely a year into debut!

Girl group aespa is certainly proving to be one of the hottest rookies and girl groups. They recently were contenders for first place on Music Bank, for the episode dated October 15, 2021. However, fans were thrilled and tickled to note that they were actually facing off with none other than…


This does not come as a surprise. Their latest song, “Savage”, has been performing extremely well on charts. They reached an all-kill for the first time in their career. On the other hand, “Next Level” has been consistently on the charts since its launch due to its catchy quality. “Next Level” was released in May 2021.

Ultimately, “Savage” won, largely due to the physical sales portion. This was expected as “Savage” is their fresh release! It’s still amazing how “Next Level” remains on the charts close to 4 months after release.

The most amazing part of it all? aespa is just shy of one year into their debut. Having debuted on November 17, 2021, with “Black Mamba”, their achievements in just a short year is astounding. Congratulations to the girls!

While the girls were unable to perform this week on Music Bank, they’re included in the line up for next week. Make sure to check out “Savage” in the mean time.

Source: theqoo