Aespa’s Giselle Gains Attention For Her Amazing Korean Slang Skills

Her language skills are unparalleled.

Aespa‘s Giselle originally has roots both in Korea and Japan, with her parents being one of each nationality. However, Giselle grew up in Japan and attended an international school. This explains her impeccable English. However, netizens have always referred to her as a foreigner, seeing as she grew up outside of Korea. They were surprised when they realized that her language skills not only surpassed standard Korean, but stretched to usage of internet slangs.

During a vlog in New York released on the Vogue channel, Giselle was heard saying the phrase”if my phone drops, I would want to commit suicide” in Korean. Rest-assured, this is simply a slang that is spoken lightly, much like the english phrase, “I would die if [something happened]“.

May netizens expressed their surprise with how well she knew Korean slang and were tickled by her words, praising her Korean skills and fast adaptation. However, some were also concerned as it is not typically appropriate to mention the word “suicide” on camera. On the other hand, as it was a casual vlog, most did not take issue with it.

Regardless, it is amazing that Giselle’s Korean has far exceeded expectations!


Source: theqoo