aespa’s Giselle Hasn’t Even Debuted Yet, But Her School Photos Prove She’s Already Iconic

Fans are deeming her the “ABG” of K-Pop’s new generation.

SM Entertainment only revealed aespa‘s fourth member Giselle today, but fans have been ready to stan since her iconic pre-debut school photos surfaced yesterday.

Reportedly courtesy of Giselle’s old school friends, several photos of the new aespa member were posted online yesterday. 20-year-old Giselle recently graduated from International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan, and many of the photos seem to be taken from her yearbook.

Pre-debut Giselle

While a lot of the pictures are standard yearbook fare, some are truly iconic—like Giselle’s yearbook quote. Instead of choosing something inspirational or educational, Giselle went with socialite Paris Hilton‘s famous catchphrase—”That’s hot!”.

Pre-debut Giselle

Another (very blurry) photo allegedly shows Giselle hilariously holding both middle fingers up—aespa’s future haters, beware!

Reportedly pre-debut Giselle

Judging by her attitude throughout the photos, fans already think Giselle must have a fun, down-to-earth personality.

Pre-debut Giselle

And many Asian-American K-Pop enthusiasts say she gives off major “ABG” or “baddie” vibes. ABG stands for “Asian Baby Girl” (or “Azn Bby Girl”)—a stereotype depicting attractive girls of Asian descent with a penchant for partying, fashion, makeup, urban street culture, and luxury.

Pre-debut Giselle

While the term can sometimes be derogatory, fans are definitely using it in a positive context to describe Giselle (whose real name is Aeri Uchinaga). In fact, many are hoping she hasn’t lost her original demeanor since joining SM Entertainment.

Of course, there’ll likely be much more to stan Giselle for than just her quirky personality. Part of a choir for four years, Giselle is said to have a remarkable alto singing voice and rap skills.

Pre-debut Giselle

And, she has gorgeous visuals to boot! Stay tuned for more information on SM Entertainment’s new girl group here.

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