aespa’s Giselle Says That The Human Members Aren’t Close To Their “ae-Members” In The Storyline—Here’s Why

Even though they’re an 8-member group, Giselle shared why they’re not close to their ae-members in the storyline!

At the time of their debut, aespa gained attention for their innovative AI concept, of which their “avatar” members, or “ae-members” are an integral part.

aespa and their”ae-members” | SM Entertainment

In a recent interview with Sakshma Srivastav of E Now on Zoom, the members of aespa appeared as guests, and sat down for an interview with her!

One of the questions aespa were asked was about the relevance of their concept, and what their relationship with their ae-members was like!

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Giselle shared that they’re relationship with their avatars, or “ae-members” isn’t very close, because in their storyline, the villain, “Black Mamba”, has been preventing them from getting close to one another. But with “Savage”, they’re getting closer to becoming good friends now!

If you look at the lyrics from our debut song “Black Mamba” until “Savage”, there was a villain that would always disturb our our “synk” with our “ae-members”, so we haven’t really had a chance to get too close with them yet. But if you see “Savage”, we’re kind of beating ‘Black Mamba’ and getting somewhere.

I think it’s getting us a lot closer to our “ae-members” as you can tell…we were dancing next to them [in “Savage”]. We actually got to see them and practice with them, stuff like that. But we’re still on the journey to getting close with them.


Earlier, Winter also mentioned how close they were getting to defeating the villain in their storyline, saying that in “Savage”, the members had finally reached “Kwangya”, and were ready for a fight!

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You can watch the whole interview here!