Netizens Are Shocked By aespa Giselle And NingNing’s “Unacceptable” Screen Time In The Group’s Latest Video — Less Than An Inanimate Object

It might have been a short video, but some fans were angry.

As aespa is one of the smaller K-Pop groups, many fans expect it to be a lot easier for distributions to be equal, whether it’s lyrics or screen time.

However, fans were shocked after a recent video saw members Giselle and NingNing with less exposure… even compared to an inanimate object.

Aespa’s Giselle (left) and NingNing (right) | @aespa_official/Twitter

Aespa is set to release their latest album, MY WORLD, later in the month. Along with music videos, the group released a track video for the song “Salty & Sweet.”

At first, many fans had high hopes for the video and Giselle’s participation as the idol received her first-ever video thumbnail.

Giselle on the thumbnail | SMTOWN/YouTube

Yet, despite the excitement surrounding the thumbnail, netizens quickly shared their anger when they realized that Giselle only had around 9 seconds in the video, with much of it being the idol “glitching.”

| SMTOWN/YouTube
| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Netizens also noticed that NingNing also had a lack of time in the video. While it was slightly longer than Giselle’s, it was still only 12 seconds in the entire video.

| SMTOWN/YouTube
| SMTOWN/YouTube 

While it wouldn’t be unsurprising that some members got less screen time as the video was extremely short, the grievances came when they realized that an inanimate object got longer than the two members.

According to netizens, after watching the video, a cake that appeared in the video was on the screen for 15 seconds. It might not have been a huge difference if it was another member, but fans were angry that a cake got more time than the members.

The cake with more screen time than Giselle and NingNing | SMTOWN/YouTube 

When netizens noticed what happened, while some thought it was overthinking something that wasn’t even a music video, others shared their anger, saying that it might be small but unfair to the members.

It isn’t the first time netizens have noticed Giselle and NingNing’s poor treatment, and you can read more about it below.

Netizens Call Out MBC And SM Entertainment For Alleged Poor Treatment Of aespa’s NingNing And Giselle

Source: SMTOWN


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