A Viral Clip Of aespa’s Giselle Reminds Fans Of Another Iconic Girl Group Idol Moment

“Passing the crown…”

Aespa recently attended the 12th Circle Chart Music Awards and stunned fans with their real-life visuals on the red carpet as the group showed off their effortless charisma.

aespa’s Winter, Giselle, Karina, and NingNing

The group also impressed netizens with their live performances of “Illusion” and “Girls.”

Giselle specifically received praise for how she handled a technical difficulty during the stage, not letting it impact her performance.

And another clip of Giselle simply sitting at the awards show is also going viral, showing off her ethereal real-life visuals.

Netizens have been in awe of Giselle’s visuals, admiring changes in her makeup style

And her incredible figure.

So it’s no surprise that fans love this new video, where Giselle shows off her duality, going from absentmindedly playing with her hair to smiling embarrassedly at the camera.

| @milkyaeri/Twitter 

With the angle of the clip and Giselle’s “sassy” expression, some netizens are reminded of Red Velvet Joy‘s iconic red dress picture.

| @joyaerii/Twitter

Red Velvet’s Irene, Yeri, and Joy | @joyaerii/Twitter

There’s no denying that both idols are stunning visuals who always leave fans in awe of their real-life beauty.

You can watch the viral clip here.

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