They’ve Only Just Debuted But Netizens Have Already Found That aespa’s Giselle Is Closely Related To A Famous Figure

She’s from a great background.

It seems that super sleuth netizens are on the ball today – aespa‘s debut music video has just been released and people have already found out more about member Giselle‘s family background.

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It was previously reported that Giselle had attended a prestigious international school in Tokyo, the International School of the Sacred Heart. With hefty admission and school fees, it was already known that Giselle was from a fairly affluent family background. However, an old tweet unearthed her relations to an accoladed reporter, Joohee Cho.

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It seems that Giselle is her niece! Joohee Cho is the ABC News Seoul bureau chief and has even met the president of South Korea, Moon Jae In, personally.

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She has also moderated a global leaders forum for entertainment industry powers, which coincidentally, was the one in which plans for aespa had been revealed.

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She currently follows aespa on Twitter as well. The only celebrities she follows are that of her niece’s and SuperM.

How’s that for family connections? On the other hand, the much-anticipated debut for aespa’s “Black Mamba” is now out. Take a listen below!

Source: Pann