Aespa Giselle’s High School Classmate Addresses Past Rumors & Reveals Her True Personality

Giselle’s former classmate uploaded a TikTok video to set the record straight.

In a recent TikTok upload, a user who claims to be an old high school classmate of Giselle addressed rumors about the aespa star’s past and revealed what she was really like back then.

Last week, TikTok user and U.S. university student Eunice Kim uploaded a video about how many of the people she knows became famous in South Korea, including Knowing Bros comedian Kim Young Chul, a YG Entertainment trainee, and aespa’s Giselle. Naturally, upon seeing Eunice’s graduation photo with Giselle, many of her followers wanted to know more about the rap starlet.

Eunice Kim (left) & Giselle (right) | @eunicee_kimm/TikTok

Eunice started by revealing she was in a lot of the same classes with Giselle—whose real name is Aeri Uchinaga. Japanese-Korean Giselle graduated from International School of the Sacred Heart (a private school in Tokyo, Japan) around two years ago, shortly before joining SM Entertainment. Even back in her high school days, she was an avid performer, singing as an alto in her school choir for four years. Alongside sharing classes with Giselle, Eunice revealed she was also in the same singing group as her.

Eunice Kim (left) & Giselle (right) | @eunicee_kimm/TikTok

Eunice Kim went on to say, “I literally don’t know why there’s rumors about her being a bully.” Back in November 2020, SM Entertainment threatened legal action against malicious commenters who claimed Giselle drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes when she was underage, did drugs, and was widely known as a bully. According to Eunice, however, all those rumors are completely false.

| SM Entertainment

She was really outgoing and friendly,” Eunice stated, adding that Giselle was also “super funny” and “humorous.” On top of this, the former high school classmate says Giselle “did not fall into a bad group of friends.” In fact, Eunice revealed that she remains close with some of Giselle’s old high school friends and they’re all “the sweetest.”

| SM Entertainment

This isn’t the first time someone who knew Giselle’s has stepped up to defend her from these defamatory accusations. Back in February, a netizen by the name of Rose Imai (who said they were Giselle’s childhood friend) insisted that Giselle never did anything more than hang out with friends and work hard to become a star. According to Rose, the rumors about Giselle were started by an old friend who Giselle had to stop talking to when she became busy.G

[Giselle] doesn’t have a ‘dirty past’. We occasionally went out with our friends like most teenagers do, but she never smoked or did drugs, and she definitely never bullied anyone. She was a normal teenager that worked really hard to get where she is now.

— Rose Imai

Watch Eunice’s TikTok video here:


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