Here Are The Exact Diets Aespa’s Giselle And Somi Follow To Maintain Their Slim Figures And Toned Abs

They also revealed their gym workout routines.

In a recent vlog, Somi and aespa‘s Giselle just revealed some of their diet and fitness secrets to maintaining their flawless figures.

Aespa’s Giselle (left) and Somi (right) | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi’s diet is especially designed for maintaining her six pack abs, meaning it’s full of protein.

For breakfast, she has blueberries and non-fat yogurt.

Around lunch time, she’ll eat an open sandwich with salmon.

Lastly, for dinner, spring rolls are on the menu.

Meanwhile, Giselle has her own menu. For breakfast, she starts by taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar which has many health benefits.

After that, she eats 5 almonds and 5 cherry tomatoes.

For lunch, she has a soft tofu caprese salad, which is unfortunately not as fancy as it sounds — It’s just soft tofu and tomato slices.

Lastly, for dinner, she has natto gimbap, which is a vegan type of gimbap using natto, a traditional Japanese food made from whole soybeans.

As for her gym workout routine, Giselle began with some stretching. After that, she used the stairmaster, skipping every other step and adding a glute kickback.

She followed that with single leg Romanian deadlifts on a Smith machine.

She continued to target her lower body with banded crab walks.

In the end, she did a partner ab workout with Somi.

Watch the full vlog below!

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