Kyungbock High School Students Allegedly Sold aespa Fancams, And Fans Are Fighting Back

Fans and netizens alike are not taking the students’ actions lightly…

The controversy surrounding Kyungbock High School and its students concerning aespa‘s visit to the school has taken a disturbing turn.

On May 3, It has been confirmed that Kyungbock High School students sold and bought fan cams of aespa visiting and performing at their school.

Photo of aespa members surrounded by students | Theqoo

On the evening of May 2, posts on the popular online community Theqoo were uploaded by students claiming to be selling fan cams from aespa’s visit to Kyungbock High School.

“DM me if you want it lol” students soliciting buyers of fan cams | Theqoo
“If you want Winter’s solo cam hit me up, I have all three songs” student soliciting buyers | Theqoo

Students uploaded screenshots of their social media accounts soliciting buyers.

Students soliciting buyers, “Will sell my seat for ₩1.00 million KRW (about $789 USD) I will give outsiders my uniform to get you in” | Theqoo
Students soliciting buyers, “Selling fan cams for Black Mamba, Savage, Next Level, prices negotiable | Theqoo

Particularly concerning is that one of the students who are selling the fan cams is the same student who uploaded a picture with an aespa member and captioned it, “I did everything but touch her,” and another lewd comment.

Student uploaded photo, captioned, “I did everything but touch her” | Theqoo

Fans and netizens alike are not taking the students’ actions lightly, however. Fans have been reporting students, and many of the students have since deleted their accounts. According to reports, some netizens are even going to the length of filing formal complaints with the district’s ministry of education.

When asked if the school was aware of the newest revelations, the school stated they had no idea and would investigate and hold the students accountable.

| Kyungbock High School

Controversy arose during aespa’s visit to the all-boy High School and SM Entertainment‘s Chairman Lee Soo Man‘s alma mater. Fans lamented the school’s lack of preparation as pictures of the idols being surrounded by students without adequate security went viral.

Aespa members surrounded by students | Theqoo
Aespa members surrounded by students | Theqoo

Fans’ anger was further stoked when students captioned the pictures with lewd and inappropriate comments.

The school’s initial statement in response to the controversy was met with immediate backlash as many netizens deemed the school to be trying to circumvent accountability. The school ultimately uploaded another apology on its homepage.

We apologize for hurting the reputations of SM Entertainment and aespa. We will immediately teach our students decorum and sensitivity lessons for the opposite sex.

—Kyungbock High School

Source: Wikitree


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