aespa’s “Inkigayo” Stage Accused Of Plagiarism By Another Visual Artist Following Their MV Controversy

The visual artist expressed her discomfort on Twitter.

The rising girl group, aespa recently showcased their new song, “Black Mamba” on SBS‘s Inkigayo, but there were hit with another plagiarism controversy after another visual artist accused SM Entertainment of plagiarising their work for their set design.

| SM Entertainment


In the background of the group’s stunning performance was a spectacular set design that gave off a uniquely mystical vibe.

But shortly after the show was aired, the artist, Blake Kathryn expressed her disappointment regarding the close similarity that was apparent to her eyes as well.

| @blakekathryn/Twitter

The artist even provided a particular work that the set resembled very much as they expressed their discomfort regarding the whole matter.

Blake Kathryn added that she’s interested in working with K-Pop artists, but not like this.

But the artist also stressed that she doesn’t blame the members and that she will be sure to hold the management accountable for the theft.

Ahead of this controversy, SM Entertainment was accused of plagiarising the work of the visual artist, Timo Helgurt, and while he agreed that his work was stolen at first, he updated fans that they had a conversation to work it out.

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There were suspicions raised regarding the plagiarism of Brian Huynh‘s work as well, but he was not offended by the inspiration they took from his work.

I am NOT upset!! I think it’s a bit of a strange thing for a company to do, but it does not personally offend me.

— Brian Huynh

SM Entertainment has yet to release a statement on the matter.


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