Aespa Karina’s Natural Beauty Gets Noticed By The NBA As She Gets Featured On A Jumbotron

Her visuals stand out everywhere she goes!

The beauty of aespa‘s Karina has been noted time and time again, as she slowly takes over this generation of girl groups with her top tier visuals. However, it looks like her beauty officially reached the states, as Karina makes headlines for appearing in a surprising place.

aespa’s Karina | SBS

The aespa members were recently in New York to perform at the 2021 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, where the four members dazzled the audience and the viewers with their incredible performance.

aespa at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade | E! Online

And while the girl group is now back in South Korea, it seems like the members made sure to enjoy their free time in the Big Apple. It was belatedly revealed that Karina attended a New York Knicks basketball game at the Madison Square Garden—and her attendance was highlighted by the NBA team!

A few days ago, an unknown netizen uploaded a short clip of the jumbotron at the Madison Square Garden. In the clip, viewers can see three excited females waving their arms in the air after realizing they were on the screen.

However, upon closer investigation, it was revealed that one of the three ladies on the jumbotron was none other than aespa’s Karina! Joined by two of her girlfriends, the aespa member looked absolutely carefree in her suite, as she showed off her stunning visuals with simple makeup and an adorable bun.

Upon seeing her and her friends on the Knicks jumbotron, Karina couldn’t help but show off her excitement. Just look at her big smile!

In related news, SM Entertainment recently confirmed the group’s appearance on two different American talk shows—The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and The Nick Cannon Show, as aespa continues to venture into the Western market.

Source: Insight