Netizens Shocked At The Scale Of Birthday Event For Aespa’s Karina

The line to get in wrapped around the block!

One of aespa Karina‘s biggest fansites just raised the bar for birthday events!

aespa’s Karina | @aespa_official/Instagram

Just (@just_0411) recently shared photos from their exciting birthday event for Karina, My Kitty Recipe (@mykittyrecipe), and it didn’t take long for the amazing photos to go viral!

Crazy, this isn’t a birthday cafe event but a pop-up store

— Netizen

Karina’s fanmade animal counterpart Jjimyang is the star of the show, appearing all of the beautifully-decorated cafe.

| @mykittyrecipe/Twitter

The whole cafe is decorated with cat-themed imagery and lots of the color pink!

| @mykittyrecipe/Twitter

Cakes, plushies, photos — The entire place became a Karina wonderland.

| @mykittyrecipe/Twitter
| @mykittyrecipe/Twitter

All of this is part of the exhibition hall, featuring a variety of stunning photos from Just throughout the years.

Netizens commented how the goods and event are even of a better quality than official events. With an entire goods list, it could really pass for an official event!

| @mykittyrecipe/Twitter

There’s also a vending machine featuring different toys fans may be able to get…

| @mykittyrecipe/Twitter

…and even lucky draw items shown below.

1st: Jjimyang cushion
2nd: Exhibition frame
3rd: Jjimyang plush
4th: Toy camera
5th: Dress-up stickers
6th: Epoxy key-ring (1 random out of 12)
7th: Sticker pack
8th: Poster (1 random)
9th: 3 random trade cards out of 16

— @mykittyrecipe/Twitter

| @mykittyrecipe/Twitter
There’s even a bonus roulette to win a prize if you spend more than 50K KRW (about $38 USD).
| @mykittyrecipe/Twitter
Because of how stunning the exhibition is, fans gathered in waited in long lines to enter.
| theqoo

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Just also organized this display of Karina for fans to see in Hongdae throughout the week of her birthday!

| @asap48694409/Twitter

Karina is getting so much love on her special day!

| @aespa_official/Instagram
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