Aespa’s Karina Comparisons To Another Striking “Blonde” Fourth-Generation Idol Sparks Debate

“Woah, I thought this was BS, but they really do look alike…”

Some netizens claimed aespa Karina‘s latest blonde look is giving off similar vibes to (G)I-DLE member Jeon Soyeon.

On May 12, a post titled “Karina Should Never Meet Jeon Soyeon” went viral. In the post, which has been viewed over 144K times as of this writing, the author alleged that Karina, with her blonde hair, resembled another fourth-generation idol, Jeon Soyeon.

In the post, the author posted two photos of the idol side-by-side and stated that the two were doppelgangers.

| Nate Pann

They are doppelgangers!

— Author of post

Netizens had differing opinions, with some claiming that the idols did resemble one another while other netizens claimed the two couldn’t be more different.

  • “They look the same.”
  • “They seriously look the same, especially the lower part of their face.”
  • “Woah, I thought this was BS, but they really do look alike.”
  • “Ha, what do you mean? They only look similar in that photo and look nothing alike (in real life). The only thing they have in common is the fact they have blonde hair.”
  • “It’s not like people are insulting Karina. They are just saying they look alike, so why are Karina fans so upset? Do you guys have anger issues?”
  • “They do not look alike. This is another picture of the two as blondes, but Jeon Soyeon is Jeon Soyeon, and Karina is Karina.”
  • “Both of their facial structures are amazing.”
  • “If you look at their graduation photos, Jeon Soyeon is cute, and Karina looks like the class president. They didn’t look alike then, but it seems they look similar now because of their makeup.”

What are your thoughts? One thing that is not up for debate, however, is the incredible visuals of the two very talented idols.

Source: nate pann
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