Aespa’s Karina Remains Confused By What Someone Shouted At The Photo Wall For “Confidential Assignment 2”

She even asked about the moment after the event.

Aespa‘s Karina was invited to the premiere of Confidential Assignment 2 recently. As labelmate Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA was starring in it, Karina had gone to show her support.

She wore a simple white top and blue jeans outfit and posed for the cameras at the photo wall. Needless to say, Karina looked gorgeous.

Amidst the flashes, Karina can be seen suddenly mouthing something before stopping her poses. She looked confused for a second before regaining her smile.

In fact, someone had been yelling for her to look to the left. The phrase was mishead by Karina as “stop the enthusiasm,” causing her to be confused. Afterall, there was no way that she could stop her excitement about the new movie.

Even though the cute mistake soon went viral on community sites, it seems like Karina still doesn’t know about it. She sent a message to fans via Dear U. Bubble to lament the moment.

Karina’s messages to fans. | theqoo

And why did someone tell me to stop my enthusiasm at the photo wall? I suddenly thought of it and it’s funny. Is is a trending [slang] recently…?

— Karina

Seems like the moment really left an impression on her! With the way the clip is spreading across social media, it’s only a matter of time before she finds out what really went down.

Source: theqoo