Aespa’s Karina Declares That She Will Never Go Blonde Again

She has her reasons.

Aespa recently returned with the song “Spicy,” and Karina shocked the world with her dramatic transformation—from her iconic black hair to stunning blonde hair. She radiated Regina George energy in the cute and spunky music video with its high-teen concept.

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Although fans love Karina’s new look, the singer has second thoughts about going blonde again.

On May 18, Karina and NingNing appeared on LE SSERAFIM member Eunchae‘s show Eunchae Star Diary. They showed their support and love for one another—Karina sharing that aespa watched the “UNFORGIVEN” music video together and Eunchae sharing that LE SSERAFIM watched the “Spicy” music video together. They couldn’t stop complimenting each other.

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Eunchae especially loved Karina’s look in the “Spicy” music video and praised her blonde hair. She then asked Karina what she preferred: black hair or blonde hair. Karina immediately responded that she is “totally Team Black Hair” and exclaimed that she would never go blonde again.

I’m totally Team Black Hair. I don’t think I’ll ever go blonde again. This is the last time. Thank you.

— Karina

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She shared that bleaching her hair damages it a lot and that when she comes out of the shower, she looks like… a bird?

For one, it really damages my hair and when I come out of the shower, I look like a burnt bird.

— Karina

Whatever a “burnt bird” looks like, it must be beautiful because Karina’s AI visuals are next level.

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Karina said the damage to her hair was so bad that she could see pieces flying away when she dried her hair.

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While Karina’s hair was blowing away in the blowdryer wind, she was blowing us away with her beauty.

Nevertheless, bleaching your hair can indeed damage it a lot, and it is understandable not to want to go through the pain and damage of hurting your scalp and hair again… and looking like a burnt bird, of course.

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Whatever her hair color may be, Karina will always be Karina!

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Source: KBS Kpop


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