Aespa’s Karina Stuns Fans With Shocking New Hair Color

The aespa star shocked everyone with her stunning new hair color.

Aespa just wrapped up their incredible performance at the K-Verse festival in Manila, and Filipino MYs left the venue in total shock after witnessing Karina‘s unexpected hair color.

The SM Entertainment group was part of the fantastic lineup for the K-Verse festival held in Manila, next to stars like Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and The Boyz. Aespa kicked off their performance with “Black Mamba,” the group’s popular debut song. While fans were incredibly excited to see all of the girls, the venue was taken aback when they saw the group’s leader Karina rocking a new hair color they had never seen before!

The aespa star was seen rocking blonde platinum hair, looking gorgeous as ever!

Fans have been wanting Karina to try a new hair color for some time now, many have even made fan edits of the star in different hair colors. Since the idol spent years without changing it, it didn’t seem like she planned to do so anytime soon. Not only did aespa’s main dancer change it, but she also chose one of the colors fans have been asking for the most, despite it being such a drastic change.

MYs already had an inkling that Karina might’ve changed her hair color when aespa was spotted at the airport a few days ago. Surrounded by many journalists and fansites, she had tried her best to cover her hair up by wearing a beanie and a hood on top of it. This made fans start speculating on what the new hair color could be, with some even spotting loose strands of hair in some photos or videos.

Aespa’s main dancer decided to bring back her bangs too, opting to go for a straight and simple hairstyle and let her gorgeous new blonde hair down. Paired with her cool outfit made of a simple jean skirt and a punk-like black crop-top, Karina stunned every fan attending the K-Verse festival. The blonde hair in combination with the thick black choker made for some jaw-dropping fancams that fans will never forget.

Fans are alluding Karina chose to change her hair for the highly anticipated aespa comeback in May, which was announced by SM Entertainment a few weeks ago. Considering we are a few weeks into April already, the girls must be in the middle of comeback preparations. This means there’s a very high chance we will get Karina’s stunning new blonde look in aespa’s teasers soon, and fans are looking forward to it!


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