Fans Endeared By aespa Karina’s Hair Becoming “Messy In Real Time”

“I’d rather see her getting messy bc she’s giving it all in her performance rather than not doing sh*t just to look pretty all the time.”

On December 10, aespa joined other K-Pop artists such as SHINeeBoAZEROBASEONE, and TREASURE to perform at the 2023 K-Link Festival at Jamsil Arena in Seoul. The girls were styled beautifully in fluffy all-white outfits, and they gave an incredible performance of their latest title track, “Drama”!

While all of the members looked stunning, Karina caught a lot of fans’ attention for her AI-like beauty and perfect styling at the beginning of the performance. What made fans even more endeared by her, though, is how her appearance changed by the end of the song!

Karina (aespa) | Pann Nate

While her hair starts out perfectly straight and smooth, it’s clear that the stage was quite warm and, paired with Karina’s heavy-looking outfit, it’s unsurprising that she would get sweaty from her intense dancing. And because of that, her hair ended up being relatably unkempt by the end!

| Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

On a post about her appearance at this event, a photo was even shared that compared her adorably to a fluffy dog.

| Pann Nate

When she appeared online after the show, though, she was back to being perfectly styled and fresh-faced once again.

| Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

She even took to Bubble later on to jokingly mention the state of the performance stage, claiming that it was just too hot!

Karina: Why was the stage so hot today?
Karina: Who turned on the heater?
The comments on the post about Karina’s hair transformation are full of positivity and endearment, with fans praising Karina’s determination to give her all during performances.

It’s clear that Karina cares about giving a great show for their audience, and that’s a trait worth appreciating!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa