Aespa’s Karina Gifts Former SM Rookies’ Goeun With The Most Thoughtful Gift

Looks like the girls are still close.

Back in 2015, SM Entertainment unveiled five girls that would be a part of the public trainee system, called SM Rookies. Goeun was one of them, along with Lami, NingNing, Hina, and Herin. Goeun instantly caught the eye of many with her role as leader and vocalist.

Goeun in SM Rookies. | SM Entertainment

Fans were devastated to find out in 2020 that she had left SM Entertainment. They had fully expected the girls of SM Rookies to make an official debut. Instead, SM Entertainment debuted aespa in late 2020 with only NingNing making the final lineup. Thankfully, Goeun seems to be enjoying her life as a regular girl.

Goeun attending PSY’s concert. | @letsgoeunn/Instagram

There were many rumors during aespa’s debut about a discord between the female trainees. This was especially because the other four SM Rookies girls ended up quitting the company after failing to make their debut while the company pushed out aespa. While these were all baseless rumors, fans still wondered if the SM Rookie girls were friends with aespa.

And it seems like the girls are still close! Goeun recently took to Instagram to share that Karina had gifted her with a special present.

Karina from aespa.

A fan had asked Goeun what perfume she uses. Goeun surprised fans by mentioning that one of her favorites was a gift from Karina.

It depends on my mood, but recently, I’ve been using the perfume in front which I made and this Acqua di Parma one that Jiminie gave me.

— Goeun

Jimin is Karina’s real name and what friends refer to her as. Fans also drew the links as aespa had recently modeled for the Italian fragrance house.

No matter what the future held for each of the ladies as trainees, it’s clear that they still share a special bond with each other. It’s nice to know that the girls are still friends after all these years!