aespa’s Karina Drives Netizens Wild With Her Visuals, Yet Again, But This Time With Her Perfect Side Profile

They are obsessed with her nose!

aespa Karina‘s visuals are making headlines, once again! She is quickly rising as one of the best visuals SM Entertainment has had and she is proving to netizens that she really is a goddess from all angles.

| Ilbe

In newly released photos, Karina can be seen wearing her attire from the “Black Mamba” music video, but it wasn’t the lavish clothing that had netizens talking. In the photos, Karina’s beautiful side profile was showcased perfectly and netizens went wild.

| @minet_karina/Twitter

The comment section was only full of praises for the rookie girl group member and her looks. It was filled with comments such as, “her nose line, how is that real?”, “she’s actually really f**king pretty”, “the best visual”, “her nose is crazy” and “her visuals are actually insane”. You can’t blame the netizens for their reaction because I mean come on, just look at her!

| @minet_karina/Twitter

With her perfect nose line, big eyes, porcelain skin and small face, it’s no wonder Karina’s visuals are always making headlines. Although it’s only been one week since she has debuted, she is quickly becoming a hot topic with her goddess-like visuals. Pair her perfect looks with this incredible gold adorned outfit and it’s a double whammy.

| @minet_karina/Twitter

These photos quickly piqued the interest of aespa fans as they are curious to see what promotion Karina was heading to. Meanwhile, aespa continues to impress fans and netizens alike with their debut as they break record after record.

Source: theqoo and YouTube