Aespa’s Karina Stuns Netizens After Joining The Wolf Cut Hair Style Trend

The sporty look totally suits her!

Aespa Karina‘s AI-level visuals are often a hot topic online. One part of her look that fans have become accustomed to is her long hair, though it has varied in style over the years.

aespa’s Karina

During their most recent comeback, Karina shocked fans by introducing bleach-blond hair and went viral for her Barbie-like visuals throughout the promotion period.

Though she looked gorgeous, Karina mentioned that she’d never do the look again on more than one occasion, even discussing how her hair was damaged from the bleaching process.

Following the comeback, Karina’s hair was cut and dyed brown, though, in many public appearances, she has appeared with extensions like her attention-catching look at the 2023 WATERBOMB Festival.

During a recent video call event, Karina shocked fans by sporting a trendy new short hairstyle.

On July 25, aespa conducted a video call event and chatted with lucky fans. Fans were excited to see all members, including Giselle, previously on a health-related hiatus, interact with MYs.

As fans shared their moments with the group online, fans were surprised to see Karina rocking a wolf-cut hairstyle!

Users online couldn’t help but gush over her visuals with the new look!