Aespa’s Karina Unintentionally Dispels Nose Surgery Accusations Thanks To A Fan’s Simple Request

The fan made the request on live stream.

aespa‘s Karina has always been known for her gorgeous side profile. It was one of the things that cemented her popularity during the early days of her debut. The public got a visual shock from her beauty alone.

Beauty doesn’t come without a price. Many were suspicious of the star and accused her unfairly of plastic surgery. They couldn’t believe her flawless nose was natural. Despite countless pre-debut photos like this…

| Daily Aespa

…and this…

| Daily Aespa

…people were still disbelieving. It was only after a fan had made a request of her during a live stream that netizens began softening. A fan had commented, “Karina, if you see my comment, rub your nose.” The fan probably met something simple like a boop or a sniffle to signify that their comment could be seen, but Karina took the request seriously. She began to rub her nose in every direction possible.

Netizens realized that if she had done surgery, she would not have been able to do so for fear of displacing a silicone tip or bridge.

During her early debut days, Karina had actually already conducted a similar action during a live stream. It flew under the radar due to the lighter action.

Fans who had always been on her side finally felt relieved.

Netizen reactions to the live stream. | Nate Pann
  • “Whether or not she did surgery, do you think everyone who does it can become Karina? I’m not sure if she did it or not, but I don’t care even so.”
  • “What the girls on this site are so deluded about is that they think if they get surgery done, they’ll look like Karina. Guys, you can’t fix your head size to be as small as hers.”
  • “I’m so curious about the mentality behind those who immediately go crazy accusing people of surgery when they see a pretty and popular female celebrity. Well, actually maybe not.”
  • “FR, I’m feeling so refreshed.”
  • “This is so satisfying.”

Perhaps this will put an end to ridiculous accusations once and for all.

Source: Nate Pann


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