Aespa’s Karina Finally Spills Her Secrets On The Intense Workout She Uses To Maintain Her Flawless Figure

The idol has been using the same workout for three years!

The life of a K-Pop idol is definitely one of the toughest and netizens are always shocked by just how busy the schedules can be. Yet, despite many groups sharing stories about being on the move so often and having to diet before comebacks, many still go through vigorous exercise regimes to stay in shape.

One K-Pop idol that has always been praised flawless figure and proportions is aespa‘s Karina.

Aespa’s Karina | @aespa_official/Instagram

Karina has wowed netizens throughout the years with her amazing figure and proportions. Whether she is on stage performing…


Or in pictures that are either photoshoots or candid, the idol has always been praised for her effortless visuals and grace.

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Well, it seems like Karina’s flawless figure doesn’t come without hard work and the idol has recently spilled her workout routine.

The group recently appeared on an episode of The Manager where they invited netizens into their lives and spoke about everything from their dorm, family, and much more.

The promo for aespa’s “The Manager” episode | MBC

In one video that has been watched nearly 200,000 times, Karina showed netizens a glimpse of her workout with a personal trainer that she has been doing for three years. Considering the intensity of the exercises, it isn’t surprising that the idol always looks in perfect shape.

As soon as the video started, Karina had a smile on her face as she and her personal trainer focused on leg exercises on one of the equipment.

Even when it seemed as if Karina had done a lot, the idol showed her dedication after the trainer asked if she wanted to do more. Without even looking as if she’d broken a sweat, Karina quickly moved on to some even heavier weights to focus on her legs.

The hosts were shocked at seeing Karina’s strength despite her petite and elegant frame. Even when the idol seemed to be at her limit, the trainer continued pushing Karina to do the best she could, even with an award-winning smile.

Of course, even Karina is human, so she had a well-earned break with an adorable cat called Saebok. Considering how cute it was, it was shocking that either Karina or the trainer could get back to the workout.

Yet, Karina very quickly went back to her workout and focused on a whole body workout with some pilates.

From the minute she got into the pose, netizens were wowed by the idol’s body proportions, including her long and elegant legs. As the trainer guided Karina through the poses, the idol listened to every bit of advice and showcased her flexibility and core strength.

After an initial warmup, Karina then picked up the speed of her workout and the hosts couldn’t hide their surprise at the fact that she was smiling throughout.

Karina then revealed that her personal trainer had been with her since she was a trainee, which was around three years. With such a rigorous routine for so long, it isn’t surprising that Karina has maintained such a perfect physique while still eating what she wants.

In the past, Karina has always gained praise for her proportions and dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Last year, she sent the internet into a meltdown with some yoga pictures, showcasing her elegance and poise.

| @aespa_official/Twitter
| @aespa_official/Twitter

Seeing Karina’s motivation and dedication to seeing fit is assuring to fans seeing the balanced lifestyle the idol has. Although Karina might seem petite, the idol has proved that she not only eats properly (as seen by her ramen appetite) but also maintains a healthy workout routine.

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