Leaders Supporting Leaders — aespa’s Karina Seems To Check In On Red Velvet’s Irene At SM Concert

“Karina asking if her mom is okay, precious little daughter 🥺❣️”

On September 23, SMTOWN LIVE 2023 SMCU PALACE JAKARTA, an event held by SM Entertainment, took place at the GBK stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia. The lineup of performers at the event included TVXQSuper JuniorRed VelvetNCT 127NCT DreamWayVaespa, and RIIZE.

It had been announced earlier in the day that Irene would be sitting out of Red Velvet’s performance due to health concerns, so it came as a surprise when she ended up appearing on stage and performing with the rest of her group despite being visibly unwell.

It was clear that she was determined to give fans a showcase with all five of Red Velvet’s members, and ReVeluvs were touched by her strength and willpower to get through what was clearly a difficult performance for her.

Her fellow members showed support for her, giving her a shoulder to lean on — sometimes literally — during their time on stage. But it wasn’t just Red Velvet’s members that were looking out for Irene, but other fellow SM Entertainment artists as well.

Karina (aespa) | SBS

Notably, aespa’s leader Karina reached out to Irene at one point during the concert, taking Irene’s hand and seeming to ask if she was doing alright. Irene nods in return to whatever she said, to which Karina gives her a sympathetic and supportive look.

Though the moment was brief, fans were touched by the show of support between the girl group leaders.

Karina is known for her kind heart and being a supportive friend, so the gesture wasn’t a surprise to her fans!

We hope that Irene is able to get some well-deserved rest after this event!