Red Velvet’s Irene Appears At Jakarta Concert Despite Earlier Plans Of Sitting It Out

Fans are praising her perseverance.

On September 23, the collaborative concert of SM Entertainment artists, SMTOWN LIVE 2023 SMCU PALACE JAKARTA, took place at the GBK stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia. The lineup included TVXQ!Super JuniorRed VelvetNCT 127NCT DreamWayV, aespa, and RIIZE.


However, earlier on the day of the concert, SM Entertainment notified fans that Red Velvet member Irene would be sitting out this show due to her health concerns, and the group would perform with the rest of the four members.

Irene of Red Velvet | @renebaebae/Instagram

But during Red Velvet’s set, Irene made a surprise appearance on stage. During the show, Joy told the audience, “Irene unnie has been feeling unwell, but she pushed to perform with us for the fans in Jakarta.” 

While the live audience welcomed Irene with loud cheers, fans who saw the concert videos online were left concerned about her health. Many felt that she looked visibly unwell and had to be physically supported by her members at times while performing.

Despite her condition, Irene gave her all on stage, touching the hearts of her fans. This appearance was also more meaningful to fans given the anxiety they have been facing amidst rumors of Irene reconsidering her contract renewal with SM Entertainment.

Red Velvet