Aespa’s Karina Stuns With Unedited Real-Life Photos At A Shopping Mall

She recently changed her hairstyle too.

Aespa recently attended an event for perfume brand Acqua Di Parma. They showed up at a shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea, to promote the brand. In particular, member Karina received attention for her visuals. She recently changed up her hairstyle with airy bangs, making her look more innocent and pure.

She looked gorgeous in an off-shoulder black dress and natural makeup.

Fansites flocked to take photos of her with their high-quality cameras.

She definitely looked flawless from all angles.

But what truly got netizens in a buzz, was how perfect she looked in photos taken a normal phone camera.

Even in candid shots, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

These photos would be close to what she looks like in real life.

She really was the main event!

Unsurprisingly, her real-life visuals went viral when it was uploaded onto a community site.

Netizen response to Karina’s visuals. | Nate Pann

  • “F*ck, her face is so small, it’s going to disappear soon at this rate.”
  • “F*cking pure”
  • “She’s so f*cking pretty fr hehe. I’m serious. Why are people always bashing her here?”
  • “?????Insane, so f*cking pretty.”

She truly looked like a goddess that day!

Source: Nate Pann