Aespa’s Karina Has An Older Sister Who’s Supposedly Even Prettier Than Her

She’s said to be even prettier than Karina.

aespa‘s been pretty private about their family relations in the public eye. Currently, it’s known that Winter has an older brother, while NingNing is rumored to have a brother as well. Giselle is an only child while Karina has an older sister.

On a recent episode of the Omniscient Point Of View, Karina finally spilled the beans on her older sister. She had apparently been bragging about her gorgeous sister to her staff for awhile, for Karina’s makeup artist commented that her sister was said to be even more beautiful than Karina.

Karina had received a Tamagotchi toy from her sister when she was younger and continued to play with it.

It seems like both sisters are pretty close, but Karina’s sister has yet to talk about her idol sibling to the people around her. Karina’s sister has been keeping the relationship under wraps at her workplace.

As Karina’s older sister works as a nurse, she decided not to tell her coworkers about her younger sister to avoid the pressure.

She can’t avoid aespa entirely though! Karina’s sister sometimes feels odd when she heard aespa’s hit songs playing in cafes or public spaces.

If our sister was Karina, we’d be wary of telling everyone about it too! Catch Karina bragging about her older sister below.