Aespa’s Karina Goes Viral For Her Insanely Small Head Size In Comparison To AirPods

They look giant on her.

Aespa‘s Karina has always been known for her good proportions and small head size. In fact, instead of the usual “egg-shaped face” term Koreans use to refer to someone with an ideal face shape, they referred to Karina’s as a “quail’s egg.”

Netizens were given another reality check at the small size of her head when the girls left for the airport. In these set of photos, Karina wore AirPod Pros to complete her airport fashion look.

People began to question just how small her face was. The AirPods began to look ginormous in comparison to how they usually look on normal people! A tweet questioning “why AirPods look so big” soon went viral on Twitter with over 700,000 views.

Some even joked that the AirPods must be fake ones!

What the. Are Jimin’s (Karina’s real name) AirPods fake? Please say it’s so.

— chaexxx2

We get to experience the size of her head.

— aidazd

F*ck I took my AirPods out right away. My head is huge, f*ck.

— ma_ququ

On any normal person, the AirPods look like this.

Rest-assured, none of us have abnormally large heads! Karina is simply blessed with superior genes.

Source: theqoo