Aespa’s Karina Stuns Netizens With Her “Human CG” Visuals At Milan Fashion Week

“Karina, you’re THE main character…”

aespa‘s Karina has created a buzz for her AI-like visuals since before she became an idol, and in the nearly four years since the aespa’s debut, she has continued to be a sought-after idol for global brands.

Since 2020, Karina has made appearances at prestigious events such as the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and Givenchy‘s spring/summer 2023 show with her fellow group members and made her solo Haute Couture debut at Thom Browne‘s first-ever couture collection show in July 2023.

aespa’s Karina at the Thom Browne couture 2023 show. | @ThomBrowne/Twitter

Recently, Karina again went viral for her fashion week appearance, attending Prada‘s Fall/Winter 2024 show in Milan.

Before arriving in Italy for Milan Fashion Week, aespa’s Karina was already taking netizens’ breath away with her stunning visuals at Incheon airport.

aespa’s Karina at Incheon airport | Osen

Karina continued to stun netizens and locals alike when she arrived in Milan, going viral for her “CG” visuals at the star-studded show.

When Karina landed in Milan, she was spotted shopping in a Prada store, looking runway-ready in a trendy preppy look before she even attended the show.

Karina completely switched up her look before the event, changing from the darker, earthy tones she wore while shopping into a flowy, ethereal white gown.

aespa’s Karina at Prada’s Fall/Winter 2024 show in Milan | @notes0411/Twitter

Karina quickly became the main event, catching netizens’ eyes among the crowds of reporters, fans, and fellow celebrities.

The white dress, a stark contrast against the many attendees and reporters who opted for darker outfits, helped her stand out even more, and netizens couldn’t help pointing out her “Human CG” visuals.

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