aespa’s Karina Turns The Airport Into A Runway With Her Unbelievably Expensive Ensemble

She brought all the dra-ma-ma!

Recently, aespa member Karina was spotted at the Incheon International Airport, and her fashion grabbed the spotlight instantaneously.

Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram

As one of the hottest idols in the industry, Karina is no stranger to turning heads with her beauty, even in press photos, which are notorious for showing the real, unedited visuals of idols. Her pictures at the airport on January 12 showcased that unmatched beauty once again.

But while netizens were swooning over her face, some took note of her outfit, which consisted of expensive luxury items from head to toe. Since Karina was headed to Milan for Prada’s show at the Fashion Week, everything she wore at the airport was from Prada.

Karina opted for a high-neck Prada Faile Mini Dress, which retails for about USD 2,609 dollars at a discounted rate. She paired it with a blue Re-Nylon Cropped Convertible Down Jacket, priced at USD 2,500 dollars.

The idol accessorized her outfit with a Small Padded Re-Nylon Shoulder Bag in blue, which retails at about USD 2,600 dollars.

For her footwear, Karina chose Prada’s Chocolate Brushed Leather Loafers, paired with the brand’s cotton socks. The former is priced at USD 1,600 dollars, the latter retails for about USD 280 dollars.

The entire Prada ensemble worn by Karina rounds up at about USD 9,581 dollars. And to think that this was just for the airport!

Go Karina, give us everything!