Aespa’s Karina Has A Surprising Answer When Super Junior’s Heechul Asks About The Group’s Dieting Methods

Karina spilled on the group’s way of maintaining their figure!

The life of a K-Pop star can be extremely tough, and one of the major topics that have raised concerns from fans is the topic of dieting. Many idols have shared the hardships and strict rules they’ve had to follow in order to maintain a figure seen as fitting “Korean standards.”

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is known to have an “ideal” body | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Considering the amount of dancing and singing they do, when either practicing or performing, this can be harmful and even dangerous to the idol’s health.

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One group that has always been praised for their proportions and physiques is aespa. All of the members have been praised for how they look and present themselves on stage, including their body shapes.

The members of aespa | SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

Many fans often worry that all of this praise comes at a cost to the members when it comes to their health. Yet, a recent clip caught the attention of fans when their dieting habits were revealed.

The group recently joined fellow SM Entertainment artist Super Junior‘s Heechul on “Studio Hook.” During the episode, they chatted about everything from the members’ alcohol habits to their careers.


During the episode, the members were all treated to a lot of snacks…

Yet, while watching the members, Heechul suddenly had a thought. After years in the industry, he has always been vocal about just how hard the life of a female idol is, especially when it comes to the topic of food and their figure.

Heechul speaking about the hardships for female idols on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

Of course, even after debuting in 2005, Heechul knows that even now, female idols face a lot more criticism when it comes to their figures, and he wanted to know how his juniors tackled the hardships.

Girl group members are always on diet… It must be hard for you guys to manage your weight, I suppose…

— Super Junior’s Heechul

Yet, netizens and even Heechul seemed shocked to hear Karina‘s answer. Although most female idols speak out about the restrictions on their diet, especially while nearing comebacks, it seems like aespa has not been through the same thing.

The idol explained that rather than being prohibited from eating anything, it’s how they manage the food intake that helps them maintain their weight.

We are not doing anything special, really… It’s not like there are foods we can’t eat. We just eat smaller amount…

— Karina

For many netizens, it was nice to see the group’s attitude toward their figures. Yet, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Earlier in the year, Karina gained attention after she revealed that she has an incredibly strong appetite when her condition allows.

When I eat a lot, I really eat a lot…

— Karina


When asked how many bags of instant noodles she could eat, the idol answered she was able to three.

I can eat three bags of spicy ramen all by myself. I eat two and make myself another one and eat it.

— Karina

| MBC 

In an industry where idols always seem to be under pressure to maintain their weight, aespa’s approach to their food intake and dieting is a breath of fresh air. Whether it’s due personal choices or the way SM Entertainment manages them, it can only benefit them.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Studio Hook and Insight