Aespa’s Karina Looks More Like AI Than Her AI Avatar In Latest Behind-The-Scenes Video

How is she real?!

Aespa‘s Karina doesn’t need an AI avatar with visuals like this! During the behind-the-scenes video for the “Next Level” jacket photoshoot, both fans and non-fans were left in awe of unreal beauty.

From the cool, futuristic concept with her hair blowing in the wind…

…to the edgy and metallic accessories like her stiletto nails, netizens commented on how she looks like a character who came straight out of a game.

Her small face and big eyes stand out in particular, making her look even more like an animated character…

…and many believe her visuals are even more appealing than her AI avatar!

| @SYNK_aespa

When comparing her behind-the-scenes look to the final photos, it’s clear that no retouching has been done.

| @aespa_official/Twitter
| @aespa_official/Twitter

A netizen commented on how Karina beats the AI at its own game, asking “Why did they even make AI-Karina? Lol she looks more like CGI [Computer Generated Image]!” 

There’s only one way to describe Karina’s flawless beauty: She’s on the next level!


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