Netizens Mesmerized By aespa Karina’s Flawless Visuals In Fan-Taken Photos From Times Square, New York

Her beauty turned the streets into a photoshoot! 😍

Karina is making headlines for her insane beauty during aespa’s trip to New York for the 95th Macy’s Day Parade.

During various schedules where the girls were walking through Times Square, Karina looked as if she was in a photoshoot.

Her AI-like visuals shined as she caught netizens’ attention with her small head and big eyes.

  • She’s seriously like an AI character, freaking pretty
  • Karina is a goddess
  • Are you a human?
  • OMG…Karina’s a goddess…

Even her perfect, sharp profile was captured in fans’ photos!

Lucky fans were also able to encounter the members during a tour of NYC on a double-decker bus.

As they happily acknowledged the fans and posed for their photos, Karina displayed off the distinct beauty of a first love.

Every photo of her could be a poster for a drama!

Source: TheQoo