Aespa’s Karina Is Praised For Her Visuals After Shocking The Entire Audience At The “32nd Seoul Music Awards”

“Looks like they fell in love with you?”

Aespa‘s Karina is pretty much always in the spotlight because of her surreal visuals, and the reaction she got from the audience at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards says it all.

Only a day earlier, Karina already went viral for her visuals at the YSL Beauty event on January 18; her appearance was so flawless, she looked fairytale-like even in unedited photos.

Karina attended the 32nd Seoul Music Awards with Winter as part of SM Entertainment‘s super group, GOT The Beat. The two aespa members immediately got everyone’s attention with their visuals…

…proving their undeniable stage presence, even among the iconic artists in GOT The Beat.

Unsurprisingly, aespa made MYs proud with a bonsang win, which Karina and Winter accepted on behalf of the whole group.

When the cameras shifted to Karina for her acceptance speech, the sudden appearance of her face on the screen left the audience members in awe. Fans and non-fans alike immediately began gasping and cheering.

Karina looked noticeably surprised at the audience’s reaction, which says a lot about her personality.

Fans hilariously noted that it seems like the audience “fell in lovewith her, which is nothing if not true. Karina’s “got everyone on a chokehold.”

Karina definitely has a way of making people swoon over her everywhere she goes. Congratulations to aespa!