Aespa’s Karina And Winter Drive Fans Wild With An Unexpected “Sexy” Moment On Stage

You can image how fans reacted to this!

Aespa‘s Karina and Winter recently attracted attention for an unexpected “sexy” moment during the group’s SYNK: HYPER LINE concert.

Fans were overjoyed when aespa announced they would hold their first concert, SYNK: HYPER LINE, for two days in Seoul. This news was especially welcome due to concerns about the group’s long hiatus.

| SM Entertainment

During day one of the concerts, fans were excited to see the group perform their previously released tracks…

…as well as ten unreleased songs!

Fans also enjoyed seeing the members’ chemistry on stage for the first time in concert and were grateful for the chance!

One moment involving Karina and Winter especially got to fans!

When the group performs “Next Level,” there is a portion of the choreography where they lean against one another. Karina leans against Winter when this is performed normally.

During the “Next Level” performance during the show, while performing that same move, it seems like Karina couldn’t help but give Winter a smack on her bottom.

After, Karina seems too pleased, smiling at the crowd before getting back in character.

Fans absolutely loved this moment and can’t believe Karina did that!