Hear All 10 Unreleased Songs Aespa Performed At Their First Concert (Including 4 Solos!)

#6 seems to be a fan-favorite.

Aespa held their first-ever concert SYNK: HYPER LINE at the Seoul Jamsil Arena earlier today. Karina, Winter, Ningning, and Giselle had a ton of surprises and entertainment ready for the fans, including 10 brand new unreleased songs they delighted the crowd with.

| SM Entertainment

1. “Thirsty”

Aespa followed up their existing fan-favorite songs “Illusion” and “Lucid Dream,” with “Thirsty” — a slow R&B song that emphasizes the members’ hypnotizing vocals.

2. “Salty & Sweet”

The group also performed “Salty & Sweet,” the song they teased earlier this week through a dance practice video uploaded on YouTube.

3. “I’m Unhappy”

The quartet helped fans relax with “Unhappy” a slower song that fans recognized as the one Karina and Giselle teased them with during an Instagram live!

4. “Don’t Play”

They soon brought the heat back on by performing “Don’t Play” with an exciting beat and the members’ powerful voices.

5. “Hot Air Ballon”

The upbeat cutesy track brought a completely new vibe to the concert, with aespa demonstrating once again that there’s nothing they can’t do!

6. “YOLO”

Aespa surprised fans by performing a track unlike any they have released before. “YOLO” lit the crowd on fire with its catchy electronic beat.

7. Karina Solo (“Menagerie”)

The group’s leader kicked off the solo performances with a brand new addictive song, seemingly called “Menagerie.”

8. Winter Solo

As opposed to her rockstar moment earlier in the concert, Winter chose to perform a ballad that demonstrated her incredible vocals.

9. Ningning Solo

Despite being the main vocalist of the group, Ningning was not afraid to show off her dancing skills by performing an upbeat hip-hop track.

10. Giselle Solo (“2HOT4U”)

Last but not least, Giselle graced the stage with her amazing presence by performing “2HOT4U,” proving she is indeed too hot for us.