Fans Make A Discovery About Aespa’s Discography That Has Been Done By No Other K-Pop Group

They aren’t exactly thrilled with it, either.

When aespa first debuted in late 2020, they were releasing singles on a fairly regular basis, with their first mini-album, Savage, dropping about a year into their career.

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Over the last year or so, however, their releases seemed to have slowed down quite a bit, with their only major comeback in 2022 being the release of the mini-album Girls in July.

In fact, now just over two years since they first debuted, aespa has fewer songs than most artists at their age, which is unusual for an SM Entertainment group. Excluding collaboration singles, the group has released just 15 songs.

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In comparison to other groups that debuted around the same time, such as Weeekly with around 23 songs and ENHYPEN with over 30 (including Japanese tracks), it seems even more odd that aespa falls so far behind in terms of number of releases.

When you add collaboration tracks, however, things are a little different.

NCT and aespa collaboration stage for “Zoo”

In fact, with the announcement of GOT the Beat, SM Entertainment’s multi-girl group power unit that includes aespa’s Winter and Karina, planning to release a mini-album with six tracks in January, aespa will officially have more collaboration songs than songs of their own.

At this time, aespa has 10 collaboration tracks: “Zoo” (by Giselle and NCT‘s TaeyongJenoHendery, and YangYang); “Snow Dream” (with NCT and Red Velvet); “Step Back” (GOT the Beat’s 2022 single); “Beautiful Christmas” (with Red Velvet); “Hot & Cold” (by Karina and NCT’s Jeno, EXO‘s Kai, and Red Velvet’s Seulgi); “The Cure” (featuring many SM Entertainment artists); “Time After Time” (by NingNing ft. BoA and Red Velvet’s Wendy); “Good To Be Alive” (featuring several SM Entertainment idols); “Jet” (also featuring many labelmates); and “Priority” (by Winter ft. TVXQ‘s Changmin and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon).

So with the additional six songs on GOT the Beat’s upcoming album, aespa will have 16 collaboration songs and 15 songs of their own, for a total of 31 tracks.

While it is nice that the members of aespa are getting the opportunity to collaborate with their fellow SM Entertainment artists that have been in the industry for longer than they have, some fans aren’t too happy about the realization of what their current discography looks like.

The conversation is happening on multiple social media platforms, with opinions pretty unanimous overall.

Hopefully aespa will have their long-awaited comeback (and maybe finally a full-length studio album) before too much longer to help balance out the numbers!


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