Aespa Learned The Hard Way About The Difficulties Of CGI While Filming Their “Savage” MV

We can’t “imagine” how tough this was.

Aespa has returned with the much anticipated “Savage” to round out their debut year, and MYs are already in love with the challenging song. The song has a unique sound, and eye-catching video fans can’t stop watching. As it turns out, some of the video’s greatest highlights were the hardest for the group to film.

aespa’s “Savage” teaser | aespa/Facebook

With aespa’s frequent use of tech in their videos, there’s sure to be some CGI. While the final effect looks incredibly cool, the process to get there can be pretty tricky.

Ningning personally learned this while filming her computer scenes. During the MV, she sits at a large display and interacts with the screen.

While reacting to the MV as a group, she couldn’t help but giggle as she recalled, “It was awkward acting that.”

After the video was over, Ningning was given a chance to explain why that part of the video was so awkward for her.

I do this in the middle. I had to act it out while watching the camera. It was so much fun. I did this [swiping] while looking at the camera and I think it came out really well.


Ningning wasn’t the only member to test the limits of her imagination as the whole group had to act with a co-star who would be added digitally later, Nævis.

Nævis is the group’s AI assistant and therefore doesn’t physically exist but can come to life in the video with technology. To make her appear onset is a bit harder. Karina explained, “The director told us to look up in an empty space and smile.”

The girls tried their best to hold it together, but Karina further explained that “In empty space, the person who was filming our behind-the-scenes video was there.”

The group gave it their best, but in the end, Giselle admitted, they couldn’t help laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

When shooting the scenes with Nævis we should’ve filmed a smiling scene. In that scene we laughed for real. Holding in laughter!


While it may have been challenging for the group to imagine all of these things, it was worth it in the end for their incredible video. To see more about aespa’s “Savage” comeback, check out the article below:

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