The aespa Members Had The Most Hilarious, On-Brand Reaction To Sunmi’s New Hair Color

Looks like we’ll be seeing Sunmi in KWANGYA!

Sunmi looks absolutely stunning with her pink hair, and her new look reminds the aespa members of a very important character from the SM Cultural Universe (SMCU)!

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

aespa was the guest star on MBC Radio‘s Noon Song of Hope today, and the show was filled with mutual admiration and cute interactions between the K-Pop group and Sunmi, who was the show’s guest host.

| MBC Radio봉춘라디오/YouTube

Fans who tuned into the show noticed just how well aespa and Sunmi got along.

Once the radio show ended, Sunmi tweeted about the aespa’s members hilarious reaction to her gorgeous hair color. She tweeted, “My aespa friends saw my hair color and said it looked like Naevis! You are really serious about KWANGYA!”

In the SMCU, KWANGYA is the alternate dimension in which Black Mamba, the villain of the SMCU, lives. Naevis is an AI system that helps the ae, aespa’s avatars, to be seen in the real world so they can interact with the aespa members. The aespa members joined hands with Naevis to fight against Black Mamba in their latest music video, “Savage.”

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Considering that all of aespa’s music videos have played a huge role in building the SMCU, it’s no wonder that Sunmi’s new fabulous, slightly futuristic new look reminded them of Naevis, and it’s great to see how much the aespa members love their concept!

Check out the full radio show below.