Aespa Members Model For Four Different Luxury Brands And Koreans Can’t Get Enough Of Their “Luxurious Vibes”

It’s a hot girl summer!

Girl group aespa recently modeled for W Magazine in South Korea, with each girl advertising for a different luxury brand. The girls rocked the shoot with their individual charms and unique visuals.

1. Giselle

Giselle modeled for Dolce & Gabbana. Her luxurious but streetwear style suited the brand’s casual line.

The all-black ‘fits they gave her suited her to a T.

2. Karina

Karina has been spotted in Louis Vuitton for awhile now, on occasion. Could a brand ambassadorship be in the works? Regardless of future plans, she slayed this shoot.

The wet hair look went perfectly with the nautical sailor top.

3. Winter

With Winter’s recent invite to the Gucci Cruise Line fashion show hosted in South Korea, fans are looking forward to news about an official partnership. Although we don’t know what will happen for sure, we are certain that Winter will suit the brand perfectly.

She embodied preppy chic with the collared shirts.

4. NingNing

NingNing looked youthful and shy in Loewe. The silk dress contrasted with her second look…

…which was a hot-to-trot bra top and denim shorts ensemble.

Netizens were full of praise for the girls. And who could blame them?

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I think Giselle is the one who suits luxury brands the most, all the time.
  • Winter is a perfect fit for Gucci.
  • Karina is so pretty.
  • Winter really uses her eyes well.
  • I love Winter Gucci.
  • Karina is f*cking pretty.
Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • They’re all pretty but, Giselle’s model vibes are insane.
  • No, but everyone suits it so well.
  • NingNing is really photogenic.
  • NingNing-ah…
  • They all suit their brands well.
  • Wow, they all suit it well.
  • Ning-ah, can you be unnie’s little sister…
  • They all suit the brands well.

Fingers crossed for any news about potential ambassadorships! Watch this space for more.

Source: theqoo