Aespa Slays Their Music Show Encore Live Performance, Impressing Netizens

Ate with no crumbs.

Music show encore stages have now become a way for the public to gauge a group’s live singing skills. As the encore stage was originally meant to congratulate the 1st place singers and their fans, pre-recorded tracks are often not played during this time.

Girl group aespa won this week’s M!Countdown with “Spicy.” Making sure to thank their fans and staff, they accepted their trophy with grace. They also delivered during the encore stage, impressing everyone with their solid vocals. Not only did they hit all the notes perfectly, but the girls also covered all the adlib parts.

The only thing disappointing was that M!Countdown did not air the full encore stage!

Netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • Bruh. These are real singers.
  • All four of them have such good projection.
  • Ah, this is so refreshing. People have been whining that idols these days can’t sing and were undercutting idols weirdly. It’s just those that can’t sing who can’t sing.
  • I think SM has the best vocals.
  • Do they have a full version of this? It’s so nice to see them enjoying themselves while singing. I suddenly feel like I like them.
  • Wow, so good. I knew they were good but they did better than expected.
  • As expected, these are real singers.

Be sure to catch the girls’ performance stage too.

Source: theqoo