Aespa’s NingNing Apologizes For “Stealing” Their New Track From A Rookie Idol — Causing Her Debut To Be Delayed

“You can make your solo debut next time…” 😂

Netizens were shocked after aespa‘s NingNing apologized to a rookie idol after revealing they “stole” her track and took it for their own.

Aespa’s NingNing | @aespa_official/Instagram

On May 2, aespa released their new track, “Welcome To MY World,” and it immediately captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

aespa’s new video | SMTOWN/YouTube
| SMTOWN/YouTube   

Yet, although the song is already a hit, it seems like the group stole the song from a rookie idol… that hasn’t even debuted yet. It meant that, on May 3, aespa’s NingNing shocked fans when she took to SM Entertainment’s platform to share an apology to the artist, but there’s a twist.

The artist in question was none other than Nævis, the artificial intelligence system from aespa’s lore, who was meant to debut in March.

aespa’s AI Nævis | SM Entertainment

After SM Entertainment announced that she would be debuting, it got to March, and many believed that the company had forgotten about it.

Netizens Wonder If SM Entertainment Just Completely Forgot Nævis’s Debut

Yet, it seems like aespa might have been the reason that Nævis was not able to debut.

On the platform, NingNing was sharing her thoughts on their new song and went on to apologize for stealing the song, revealing that they liked it so much that they “stole it.” The idol then hilariously explained that Naevis would have another chance to debut.

NingNing’s messages | theqoo
  • How is the song? It’s totally my taste.
  • I don’t know if everyone heard it, but this song was not originally our song. It was supposed to be Nævis’s solo debut… As soon as we heard it, we wanted it so bad… so we stole it.
  • And how was the track video?
  • It was super fun filming it… but I remember it was so cold.
  • Nævis, sorry.
  • You can make your solo debut next time.

When the messages were sent, netizens couldn’t get over the hilarious fact that aespa stopped Nævis from debuting by stealing her track, but at least allowed her to feature on the song.

Others joked that there must be even better songs set for the time when Nævis eventually has her time to shine as a soloist.

While it was obviously all said light-heartedly, it made netizens laugh at how dedicated SM Entertainment and aespa are to Nævis and the idea that her debut was delayed. Although it is not the reason why, the group found a way to incorporate the delay into their lore.

Source: theqoo


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