Aespa’s Ningning Has A Funny And Adorable Makeup Habit, And Her Members Can’t Stop Laughing

Poor Ningning can’t stop herself!

Aespa‘s Ningning looks gorgeous with makeup on, but to get those results is not easy at all for her makeup artist!

Ningning | @aespa_official/Twitter

aespa recently sat down with W Korea to talk about their favorite items and scents, and brought over many of their treasure items to talk about!

While introducing their favorite items, the staff of W Korea asked the members to name any of the adorable habits that they have!

Do other members have habits?

Karina immediately offered up an anecdote about Ningning, and began laughing about it as soon as she recalled it!

Ningning has one! Makeup…

Ningning then finished the story, and revealed that she has an odd habit while getting her makeup down. While she mostly sits still and lets the makeup artist work their magic, she occasionally involuntarily jerks her head to the side, making her makeup artist mess up a lot!

When I get makeup done…It’s funny. I can’t sit still. You have to stay still when you get makeup done. But all of a sudden…I move like this. It’s not on purpose! It’s so funny so I’m trying not to do that.


Ningning is such a cutie!

You can watch her talk about it here!