Korean Netizens Are Amused By Aespa NingNing’s Humorous Instagram Stories

They love her!

Aespa’s NingNing has been gaining attention ever since she opened her personal Instagram. While she posts gorgeous photos like this…

…she also shows off her down-to-earth side with the most relatable Instagram stories. Recently, her stories have been going viral online! Netizens are amused at how much she sounds like “one of them!

She once held a poll for a “bun” or “pigtails,” complete with a meme.

With the hot weather in the summer, she playfully complained about the heat. Although she simply captioned the story with “why is it so hot,” netizens were charmed by her way of speech, which perfectly mimicked that of Korean slang.

Most recently, she updated with a meme of a woman wearing a shirt that read “don’t bump into me. It’s hot out.” She immediately asked fans “to toss over the link [to buy] the shirt.

Her sense of humor is turning her into an icon. Korean netizens praised her for both her Korean skills and how relatable she was.

| theqoo
  • F*ck her speech LOL.
  • Where did she learn to talk like that LOOOL.
  • I’m getting a whiff of “netizen” from an idol…
  • Oh right, she’s from Harbin, right? LOL.
  • Insane. Damn, I’m liking her LOL.
  • Her speech LOL.
  • Ah, NingNing is truly a funny person.
  • Is she really Chinese? LOL.
  • Noooooo LOL.

No one does it like NingNing! As she has lived in Korea for half her life, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she’s fluent in even their slang.

Source: Theqoo