NingNing Makes Fans LOL At Her Clever Way Of Including Giselle In aespa’s Yankee Stadium Photo

Giselle wasn’t there…or was she?

Recently, aespa‘s NingNing showed off her witty personality through her latest Instagram post.

aespa’s NingNing | @imnotningning/Instagram

The group recently arrived in New York to throw the first pitch for the New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox game.

Thank you so much for inviting us!:))Go Yankees!!!⚾️🤍

— NingNing

| @imnotningning/Instagram

She showed off her stunning visuals in her uniform…

…and also showed her view from the stands!

However, she couldn’t miss the chance to bring up Giselle who was unable to attend the group activities in the US due to health issues.

| @imnotningning/Instagram

In NingNing’s photo with Karina and Winter, she decided to draw in Giselle and lovingly caption her as “Gi Gi.” Known for her super long legs, she hilariously drew Giselle with hardly any torso and endless legs!

Karina, NingNing, Winter, and “Giselle” | @imnotningning/Instagram

The two exchanged sweet comments below the photo with NingNing wishing for her member to get well soon.

GS: “miss u man”

NN: “same man..gws* [*get well soon]”

| @imnotningning/Instagram

NingNing is such a thoughtful bestie!

| @imnotningning/Instagram

Check out her full post below.