Aespa’s NingNing And Karina Are Too Happy To Expose Giselle Over The Origin Of Her Nickname “That’s Hot”

“I have this nickname in Korea where they call me ‘That’s Hot.”

Aespa‘s NingNing and Karina were too happy to expose Giselle over the origin of her nickname ‘That’s Hot,’ which is a popular nickname for her in Korea. The members spilled the details on the Zach Sang Show, and it was hilariously chaotic.

Aespa on the “Zach Sang Show” | @zachsang/Instagram

Aespa’s guest appearance on the show was full of iconic moments, from the way Giselle described how her members impressed her when they were trainees, to the way NingNing refused to let Zach live down the fact that he accidentally confused Giselle with Karina.

(From left to right) Aespa’s Winter, NingNing, Karina, and Giselle | Zach Sang Show/YouTube

In between teasing Zach’s little error, the members talked about how excited they had been to meet Paris Hilton when they were in Los Angeles.

Aespa with Paris Hilton | @aespa_official/Twitter

As she is a longtime fan of Paris, fans were particularly happy for Giselle when she got to meet her idol…

…and then again when Paris left a comment after seeing aespa’s performance at the American late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Zach asked them about what that experience had been like, saying “You were at Jimmy Kimmel the other day, how was Paris Hilton?” Naturally, Giselle channeled her inner Paris and jokingly replied, “It was hot.” She went on to explain how she felt about meeting her icon and revealed that she has an interesting nickname in Korea.

| Zach Sang Show/YouTube 

It was really weird because she was kind of iconic to me in my highschool days. And I have this nickname in Korea where they call me “That’s Hot…” People comment that a lot on my stuff, so to be able to see the OG “That’s Hot,” it’s like, wow, what an honor.

— Giselle

Curious, Zach asked her why she had that nickname in the first place, and the question prompted Karina to burst into giggles. Giselle hesitated to answer, so Karina hilariously commented, “It’s top secret.” Still hesitating, Giselle said with a wince, “I’m sure everyone knows it but I’d rather not say.”

Zach insisted he didn’t know, so he asked NingNing to spill the facts—and she was more than happy to! She excitedly explained that the nickname came from Giselle’s high school yearbook quote.

Giselle had famously written a simple, “That’s hot,” on her yearbook, which actually attracted plenty of fans right as she was about to make her debut.

Pre-debut Giselle

Karina then added that her fans had somehow uncovered Giselle’s yearbook, and thus had given her her famous nickname. Zach was incredulous, and he asked Giselle, “That’s what you left your classmates with?” Giselle couldn’t explain herself, so she confessed, “I don’t know, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

NingNing and Karina continued to tease her about it, making Giselle playfully push Karina to get back at her.

But luckily for her, MYs have been her fans since before she even debuted, in large part thanks to her school photos! Giselle may be embarrassed about her yearbook quote, but it proves she has been iconic since day one.

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And watch the full clip from the Zach Sang Show on the link below.

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