aespa Shares How They Each Got Casted By SM Entertainment … And How Some Thought It Was A Scam

We’re glad they took the chance!

During a recent episode of SBS Power FM‘s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, the girls of aespa took some time to share about how they each got casted as trainees. As SM Entertainment is known for being particular about who they take in, read on to see how the girls came to be who they are today!

| Star Today

NingNing shared that she had appeared on many singing programs in China before coming to Korea. SM Entertainment had seen some of these videos and contacted her. Unsurprisingly, she thought it was a scam at first!

Winter similarly, thought her casting was a scam! She received the suggestion to audition when she was at a dance festival. The staff would not tell her the name of the company, which led her to be doubtful. Later, her parents followed her up to Seoul during the audition for safety measures!

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Giselle took the most regular route, and went for the infamous Saturday auditions at the company. Although this may be the most common route for aspiring singers to take, it is one of the hardest to pass!

Lastly, Karina was casted through the use of social media. When she and her parents first saw the DM, they naturally thought it was a scam too.

We’re glad the girls took a chance – otherwise aespa might not have been who they are today.

Source: Star Today